How you can Install Trend Micro Antivirus For Windows and Mac Devices?

Trend Micro is the well known and popular antivirus which gives high class security solution against all kind of cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, phishing scams and ransomware attacks. You can install this antivirus via It gives you complete protection when you are offline or online. It consumes less space in your device and improves the performance of your device. It detects and blocks all the suspicious links. This antivirus provides protection for Windows, Mac, Android Phones and Ios. Hackers cannot reach your device if you have installed Trend Micro Antivirus in your device.

System Requirements for Installing Trend Micro Antivirus:

The system requirements for installing are as follows:

For Windows:

  1. The RAM should be 1 GB.
  2. HDD space should be of 1.3 GB.
  3. The CPU should have 1 GHz processor.
  4. Operating System should have Window 7/8/8.1/10.

For Mac:

  1. The RAM should be of 2 GB.
  2. HDD space should be of 1.5 GB.
  3. The CPU should have Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or faster.
  4. Operating System should have Mac OS X (10.13 or higher).

How To Install Trend Micro Antivirus on Window?

To install Trend Micro antivirus on Windows, first you have to download the installer file to begin the installation process. Then, you have to double-click on TrendMicro_15.0_HE_Full.exe to run it. After this, click on Yes button when the User Account control window appears on your screen. Now, wait for the installer to extract the files required for the installation process. You have to wait for sometime as Trend micro will checks if your device is compatible for installation process. After this, just type the serial number, and then click on Next button. Now, just read the terms and condition of the License Agreement and then click on Agree and Install button. Just wait for sometime so that the program install. You have to fill the Account info window, and then just click on Next option. After this, just check all the information you have provided, and then on Next button. Then, click on end option. Now, you will see the most console of Trend Micro Security.

How to install Trend Micro on Mac?

For installing Trend Micro on Mac device first you have to download the disk image (.DMG) or you can also call it as installer file, and you can save it on your desktop. Then, you have to open the Antivirus for Mac installer. After this, Install Trend Micro Antivirus. To continue the installation process, you have to click on Open on the protection warning and then click on Continue. Now, click on Continue on the Welcome screen. After this, read the terms and condition of the License Agreement, and then click on Continue. Now, Click on Agree to accept the License Agreement. Then, types the serial numbers on the field provided, and then click on Continue button. You can notice the serial number from Confirmation email .If you want to put in the trial version, then choose to start a free trial of Trend Micro Antivirus, and then you have to click Continue. After this, click Install. Now just type your administrator password, and then click Install software. You have to provide your email address, and then click on Continue. When the installation process is finished then clicks on close button.

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